Module Overview: This module introduces the learners to statics and dynamics principles of fluid flow in pipes.

Learning Outcome By the end of this module:

·         The learner should be able to apply fluid dynamics and static principles in determining the quantities of liquids flowing in a pipe at given velocities.

Competence To learner:

·         Distinguishes between hydrostatics and hydrodynamics, liquid and gas, solid and fluid.

·         Analyses the difference between gravity and specific gravity.

·         Determines the bulk modulus of matter.

·         Measures pressure using manometer and shows the intensity of pressure at a point in a static fluid.

·         Calculates all the variables under static fluid.

·         Applies the continuity equation to calculate flow velocity and rate of flow in a pipeline.

·         Derives and applies Bernoulli’s equation to solve some practical hydraulic problems.

·         Analyses the liquid flow characteristics.

·         Designs a pipeline and determines the velocity of flow at the required point in a pipeline or stream.

·         Calculates forces in jet of liquid on fixed or moving plates or vanes.

·         Determines impact of pressure of water due to deviated flow on pipe wall.

·         Determines discharge from a tank and measures the duration taken to empty a tank.

·         Measures river discharge and ascertains its flow velocity.

·         Constructs open channels. Preparatory Assignment: Prior to beginning of this module, take the learners for a visit at the nearby water treatment plant.

Result: Learners make reports and give presentation in class.